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A good night´s sleep is essential to your mental, emotional and physical health. It can be as simple as sleeping on a better mattress. King Koil by Park Place has introduced the new World Luxury line featuring Contour Elite Plus EC (800 encased coil) with Excellent Edge Foam Encasement!


We are proud to offer cork flooring—one of the hottest trends in floor covering. Cork is made from the waste of cork wine-stopper manufacturing and is therefore a recycled product. It is also sustainable, because cork is harvested from the cork oak tree, which is replanted. And we’re not talking boring beige corkboards. Today’s floors have a variety of custom designs and vivid colors to suit every need and taste. In addition to its durability, cork produces a cushioned feel and sound reduction, and it’s easy to install. Ask us about cork!

Flooring Supplies

Come visit our store to see our flooring supplies to help keep your new flooring beautiful and inviting! We stock R2X cleaner and we offer two different versions: one for carpet and one for hard surface flooring like hardwood, laminate, and ceramic tile. If you have carpet AND hard surface flooring, you might want to try both!


The right underlayment can enhance the long-term wear and performance of many types of floors. Some companies even give substantial extensions to warranty coverage when the recommended underlayment is used.

Ask our sales staff about the different types and grades of underlayment—we’ll be glad to advise you so you’ll be sure to have the best performance and most satisfaction from your new floor.